Merrin takes broadband to infinity, beyond

Infinity Broadband Ltd. has been has approved today for licensing from the Information and Communications Technology Authority to pursue the development and installation of a fiber optics and hybrid fiber coaxial infrastructure to all residents and businesses of Grand Cayman.

Fiber optic technology is a state-of-the-art cable made of optical fibres that can transmit extremely large amounts of information at the speed of light, states a press release.

Through the use of a single fiber optic connection, consumers will have access to digital cable, high speed broadband internet and digital telephone. In addition to these services, the benefits of fiber optic technology are far superior to what is currently available on the island in terms of quality, reliability, performance and speed.

Infinity Broadband is being developed by Randy Merren. According to Mr. Merren, ‘The aim of Infinity Broadband is to provide an advanced and cost effective broadband solution to Grand Cayman’. This includes offering digital cable, high speed internet and digital telephone as a single bundled service.

Digital Cable – Infinity Broadband’s digital cable delivers over 900 digital channels, movies on demand, high definition television, digital video recording, parental controls and pay-per-view. All these features are produced with 100 per cent pure digital picture and sound.

High Speed Broadband Internet – Fiber optic broadband internet allows for superior speed, versatility and reliability. Broadband internet includes speeds over 100 times faster than conventional internet connections. Advanced reliability is achieved by always being connected; no busy signals or waiting to connect.

Digital Telephone- Infinity digital telephone and voice over internet protocol provides local, long distance and international calling with cost savings up to 80 per cent of traditional phone lines. Standard features include voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, real time call records and worldwide telephone numbers.

Benefits – Fiber optic technology has several advantages over the traditional cable lines currently on Grand Cayman. Fiber optics are capable of transferring information and data over 100 times faster than traditional methods. Fiber optic cables also deliver information digitally rather than through the current analogue infrastructure on the island.

Digital information produces 100 per cent pure, digital picture and sound, and will not have interrupted or blurry reception since fiber optics are ‘hard wired’ and do not use a satellite.

For more information or details regarding fiber optics technology and Infinity Broadband Ltd. contact Randy Merren at the contact information above.

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