Today’s Editorial: Service levels lacking

Hurricane Ivan blew in many changes in the Cayman Islands.

One of them has been identified as the need for improved customer service, especially in the Tourism industry.

Apparently the Department of Tourism is receiving daily complaints about the low levels of service being given to customers.

Many tourism product customers don’t like the excuses they’re being given for the poor service. The consumers in Grand Cayman – just like everyone swapping money for service the world over – know excuses when they hear them. The best policy is honesty.

It is true that many areas of Grand Cayman are still recovering from Hurricane Ivan, but that’s storm’s blow can’t be used as an excuse for everything that isn’t ship-shape.

Add the excuses to already increased prices and the Cayman Islands are surely soon to get a bad name. One unhappy customer can return to his or her country and spread the word to seven or so friends who repeat the information and soon, the bad information is getting out everywhere.

This isn’t a black eye that the Cayman Islands needs or deserves.

Plans are to begin customer service training as early as June. It would be better if the training could begin sooner and in-house if possible.

Business owners know what is expected of them and their staffs. It is up to them to begin the task of properly training their employees.

A major portion of that training should be of Caymanian culture. Caymanians are polite and reserved. That sense needs to be carried over in the customer service sector.

Those providing services to visitors to the Cayman Islands make the first and most often the longest lasting impressions on visitors and that act politeness and kindness – or lack of – could be the determining factor of whether a visitor returns.

And it’s not all just about tourism.

Everyone in the Cayman Islands is a consumer. All should be treated with courtesy.

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