Baby, it’s cold outside

The chilly weather the Cayman Islands have been experiencing lately is nothing unusual for this time of year.

Some recent night-time temperatures have been lower than usual for this time of year, said Chief Meteorologist John Tibbetts.

December, January and February are usually the coldest months of the year here with average minimum temperatures for December at 73 degrees Fahrenheit, for January 71 degrees and for February 70 degrees.

The average minimum temperature for last December was 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

Right now our night time temperatures are slightly lower than those of the average minimum for January, he explained.

For example, on the night of Thursday, 20 January, the temperature was down to 67 degrees Fahrenheit while the night before that it was at 70 degrees.

However, spells of these lower temperatures are common for this time of year.

‘Normally we have periods out of these three months where the temperature is in the mid to upper 60s. This cold front we’ve been experiencing lately is not a surprise to anyone,’ he said.

Mr. Tibbetts said that with light winds on Friday night, Saturday morning began with cool temperatures.

Temperatures warmed up a few degrees for Saturday and Sunday, but Sunday afternoon saw a cold front drifting back our way, he said.

‘The temperature should still be quite warm, but we’ll feel the wind chill a bit more,’ he said.

Mr. Tibbetts said some of this cooler weather could continue into February.

‘At this time of year we can expect periods with cooler temperatures due to frontal systems and clear nights with light winds,’ he said.

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