Butterfly Farm doing well

Open since December, the Butterfly Farm has created an even more tropical garden delight for visitors.

According to owners Tony and Lori Cox business has been up and down since Hurricane Ivan but the farm is back up to its full population with 50 to 100 hatchlings being born each day.

‘We are still working with the same 34 species from around the world,’ said Mr. Cox.

Its guided tours offer commentary on butterfly habits and visitors are able to watch new butterflies emerging from their chrysalis and learn about their life cycle from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly.

‘The farm has a new addition too. The Ivan Room was built with salvage material left lying around after Ivan’s departure. It is a special place filled with exquisite tropical butterflies.

Mr. Cox said some of the local butterflies at the farm are not doing too well because most of the citrus trees that they depended on had to be removed because of water damage. This caused the local population of some species to diminish, especially some local swallowtails.

The Butterfly Farm is open seven days a week from 8.30am to 4pm and from 8.30am to noon on Sundays.

During the month of February, the farm is offering 50 per cent off to local residents every Saturday.

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