Today’s Editorial: Park efforts back on track

The public and private sectors have re-emerged once again for the good of the community.

Work at the George Town Growing Communities Park has started back up with hopes that the park will be completed by spring.

The George Town park is one of five that have been built through the cooperation of the Dart Foundation and the Cayman Islands Government.

Work on the park was almost complete before Hurricane Ivan blew in a setback in September.

When the George Town park is completed it will be the fourth such park with only Bodden Town remaining.

The efforts between Dart and the Government have produced green spaces with equipment geared toward fun and fellowship for all the districts in Grand Cayman.

The philanthropy of the Dart Foundation is known worldwide.

The Foundation has, for the past 20 years, supported several worthy causes and organisations throughout the world; in particular those aimed at improving the lives of children and teens.

The multi-million dollar investment in district parks is just another measure of the work Dart does with governments to ensure communities and their children are cared for.

The other parks already in existence and use are the Scholar’s Park in West Bay, which opened in 2001; the captain George Dixon Park in East End opened in 2003; and the Jarold Smith Park at North Side was opened in November 2003.

The North Side and West Bay parks fared rather well during Hurricane Ivan. Dart’s West Indian Club Nursery general manager is seeing to it that vegetation lost to Ivan at the East End Park is replanted and thrives.

It is understandable why work on the parks didn’t begin until well after the passage of Ivan.

There were more pressing issues at hand with hurricane recovery.

But since December workers have trekked back to the George Town park and promise to have its buildings and other features completed soon.

The parks effort is just another example of how the public and private sectors can come together for the good of the community.

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