Dr. Kapoor joins Tomlinson

The Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital has announced the addition of Caymanian Dr. Sonia Kapoor (Lon) to its team of physicians.

The daughter of the late Mr. Sat Pal Kapoor and Mrs. Ummi Kapoor, Sonia was raised initially in Cayman Brac and then in Grand Cayman before leaving to pursue a career in medicine at the University Of London (Royal Free Hospital) in England, where she graduated with the MBBS degree and practiced until receiving her license for the U.K and European Community from the General Medical Council, states a press release.

Dr. Kapoor, having a special passion for dermatology and refined skin surgery, then went on to pursue a highly competitive Residency in Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery from the University of Miami in 2002. To perfect her skills further, specifically in cosmetic procedures, she served as a Fellow at the Boca Raton Skin and Laser Center, Florida before returning home to Grand Cayman. Dr. Kapoor is an active member of many prestigious societies such as the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

Prior to the upheaval from Hurricane Ivan, Dr. Kapoor was conducting Dermatology clinics at the Cayman Islands Hospital, and her endeavor now is to support Dr. Steve Tomlinson.

‘I want to support Dr. Tomlinson’s effort in maintaining his state of the art hospital. There is also no greater satisfaction than to be able to use my years of training from some of the finest institutions in the world to be able to treat my own people’ continued Dr. Kapoor.

Clinics in General Dermatology will be held twice a week focusing on a wide spectrum of conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, scars, hair and nail fungus etc. Dr. Kapoor expressed that she is concerned that based on our climate a large proportion of precancerous and superficial skin cancers may be unidentified and encourages the public to have their skin and moles checked on a regular basis.

Special Cosmetic Dermatology clinics will be held on Saturday mornings due to the increasing demand for cosmetic procedures such as Botox, Collagen, Sclerotherapy (spider-veins) and chemical peels. According to Dr. Kapoor, the evolution of cosmetic dermatology has expanded to include more refined procedures that are able to reduce the inevitable signs of ageing and sun-damage and to tone, smooth and even out skin imperfections of all varieties, (wrinkles, sagging/deep lines, discoloration, unsightly veins etc.)

‘Year after year the skin must survive the damage induced by sun, stress and pollution, and while the skin has its own protective and healing abilities, these diminish as you live, grow and age,’ said Dr. Kapoor. ‘I hope to change people’s concept of ‘cosmetic dermatology’ from that of vanity to more importantly, skin maintenance which is as important to overall good health as exercise and nutrition’.

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