Ministers help

Through their Love in Action programme, the Cayman Ministers’ Association, along with the First Baptist Church and Pastor David Jorge, are continuing their efforts to put roofs over people’s heads.

The programme provides materials and labour to those in need throughout the community, helping them undertake essential roof repairs or sheet-rock work. Roof repairs to churches are also being conducted as part of the programme. As of last week, 18 homes had been completed, with teams working on a further eight. Materials have been supplied to over 140 homes and help provided to nine churches.

In West Bay, 55 people have applied for materials, with 37 already receiving some or all of the assistance sought.

Twenty-two applications for materials came from East End, with 10 receiving all or part of what they had asked. In Bodden Town, materials have been supplied to two applicants, with several others under assessment.

Applications for the programme are being made through local churches and Pastor Al Ebanks of the Agape Church in George Town.

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