First trailers occupied

The keys to the first trailers that will serve as temporary homes for those displaced by Hurricane Ivan were given to recipients last Friday afternoon at the Ed Bush Sports Field in West Bay.

Four of the first 28 trailers that arrived on the island, which have all been allocated, were handed over on Friday.

Five more trailers will be given to other single-parent families in West Bay, while 18 additional trailers will go to the old Dr. Horter Memorial Hospital site on Fairbanks Road.

Those receiving trailers were Josepha Carter, a widow with three children under 12; Melanie Rankin Jackson, a single mother with six children between four and 16; Leroy Bodden, who is raising three children aged 8 to 18 on his own; and Christine Phillips, a single parent with two daughters, ages 11 and 12.

Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush was on hand for the ceremony to hand over the trailer keys.

Mr. Bush noted the effects of Hurricane Ivan on every resident, and he said he hoped the new trailer tenants would find permanent resolutions to their situations soon.

In the meantime, Mr. Bush urged the trailer occupants to take pride in their accommodations and to live harmoniously with their neighbors.

‘I encourage you to live as one happy family,’ he said.

Cingular Wireless donated mobile telephones along with $50 phone cards to the new trailer tenants.

The donations are part of a larger programme to assist in the hurricane recovery effort by giving displaced families mobile phones and $50 phone cards every month for a year.

‘We wanted to do something big in the recovery effort,’ said Raul Nicholson-Coe, General Manager of Cingular Wireless, noting that the company expects to contribute some $250,000 in the programme.

Also speaking at the hand-over ceremony was Cayman Islands Recovery Operation Manager Orrett Connor, who said that many different government agencies worked together to make the temporary housing project a reality.

Mr. Conner said that the co-operative effort was made possible because all of those concerned shared a basic philosophy of doing something for their country, and not because they wanted individual recognition.

Another 56 trailers have been ordered, 44 of which will be larger than the first 28, and are scheduled to arrive within eight weeks.

Photo Caption 1:

Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush hands the keys to a West Bay trailer over to single parent Leroy Bodden, who is raising three children on his own, while CatherineTyson and Roger Bodden, managers of the National Housing Development Trust, look on.

Photo Caption 2:

Single mother Josepha Carter stands in the doorway of her new temporary home along with her three children. The family was displaced by Hurricane Ivan.

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