August tourist arrivals up on previous year

August 2004’s air arrivals were up five per cent on the previous year while its cruise arrivals were up 6.7 per cent on August 2003.

There were 23,549 tourist air arrivals in August 2004; that’s 1,127 more than August 2003’s figure of 22, 422.

119,367 cruise passengers arrived in August 2004, that’s 7,492 more than the previous year’s figure of 111,875.

These August statistics were released by the Department of Tourism. The statistics are usually released the month after the one in question, on the fourth Friday. However, as the August statistics were being compiled when Hurricane Ivan passed by in September, the statistics have only now become available.

The air arrival figures for August 2004, although up on the previous year, are down on 2002, 2001 and 2000 when there were 23,961, 25,765 and 24,937 respectively.

Cruise arrival figures for August 2004, while up on the previous year’s figure, are down on 2002’s figure of 126,643, but up on 2001 and 2000’s respective August figures of 97,420 and 81,750.

The number of air arrivals from January to August 2004 totals 237,921 while the number of cruise arrivals for the same period is 1,310,960.

The air arrival figures for this period of 2004 are up 13.5 per cent on the corresponding period for 2003 while the cruise arrival figures for 2004 are up 11.53 per cent on the corresponding period for the previous year.

Air arrivals for the whole of 2003 were 293,517 while cruise arrivals for the same year stood at 1,818,979.

In August 2004 hotels were at an estimated 57.4 per cent occupancy, while apartments/condominiums were at 37.8 per cent, according to the statistics.

Hotels were at their highest occupancy for August since 1999 when they were at 61.5 per cent.

Apartments, condos and non-hotel properties were at their highest for August since the year 2000 when they were at 38 per cent occupancy.

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