Traffic snafu

Yesterday afternoon, at about 4pm, a lorry and container overturned on the roundabout in Red Bay, as it was heading towards Savannah from George Town, directly in front of Hurley’s Supermarket. The driver, though shaken by the accident, wasn’t hurt. Traffic was diverted over the roundabout and through the Hurley’s car park. A second lorry was dispatched to the scene to remove the detached container filled with roofing material, after it had been righted from where it came to rest on the curb side. The overturned lorry was also righted but sustained major damage. The cause of the accident was thought to be an unsecured load, inside the container, shifting to one side as the lorry negotiated the roundabout, causing a drastic change in the centre of gravity of the lorry. Rush hour traffic was only mildly affected as the removal operation was completed before 5pm.

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