MC contract defended

West Bay MLA Rolston Anglin has come to the defence of Government’s debris removal contract with MC Restoration.

He made his contribution to the debate on the Supplementary Appropriation Bill 2005 Monday.

‘As I drive around our country from district to district, and see the difference, I believe we have gotten good value for money,’ he said.

In the Supplementary Appropriation Bill, the Government has estimated the expense of Hurricane Ivan debris removal at $8.53 million, significantly lower that the $10.7 million widely reported in the media.

Mr. Anglin said he was aware of a debris removal proposal from the US -based company Custer Battles, which came in shortly after the hurricane for $80 million.

‘They later revised that amount to $40 million, still much higher than the current contract,’ he said.

Although he believes Cayman has done very well in the cleaning up after Ivan, Mr. Anglin expressed concern over one aspect of the process.

He said he has noticed debris suddenly appearing on the side of roads already cleared.

‘I believe that most of that debris removal would have been covered in a construction contact,’ he said. ‘Before the hurricane, contractors didn’t just leave their waste in front of people’s homes.’

Mr. Anglin said he knew that contractors wanted to get to other jobs as soon as possible.

‘But it is important for us to try our best to return to normal standards,’ he said. ‘Some have used Hurricane Ivan as an excuse to do things differently, and in an inferior way.

Unless contractors started removing construction debris as they did before Ivan, the Government’s cost of debris removal could go higher with MC Restoration.

‘The contract was a volume contact,’ he said. ‘The more that has to be removed… has an impact on the cost.’

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