Compliance Conference in Cayman Islands

In a week’s time a host of international experts on financial crime will flock to the Cayman Islands to speak at the upcoming Caribbean Regional Compliance Conference.

The conference will be held at the Westin hotel on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th of February, states a press release.

Martin, Livingston, President of the Cayman Islands Compliance Association, has confirmed that Bill McCloskey, the Chairman of the Committee on Fiscal Affairs, will be joining the event as a keynote speaker on the subject of the Onshore perception of Offshore.

The OECD have had their hands full since the release of their initiative on harmful tax practices and the tax haven black list, which the Cayman Islands managed to avoid by making an advance commitment to bilateral information exchange agreements with other jurisdictions.

Offshore jurisdictions, particularly those based in the Caribbean, have been battling with the OECD to have the standards applied on a level playing field, so that there would be no distinction between member and non-member states. The Financial Action Task Force, the Paris based agency that placed Cayman on a black list in 2000 for being non-cooperative in relation to money laundering actions is also being represented at the conference in the form of their Caribbean representative. Both of these agencies and their initiatives have had as their focus greater transparency in financial dealings between nations in order to curb the flow of dirty money.

The Conference has an incredible line-up of regional and international expert speakers, including representatives of the IMF, the Foreign Commonwealth Office, the U.S Departments of Justice and Treasury, the FBI, as well as the Heads of Anti-Money Laundering from financial giants such as Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Royal Bank of Canada.

Those interested in attending should contact either Robin Jarvis at 914-5528 ([email protected]) or Martin Livingston at 949-8066 ([email protected]).

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