Today’s Editorial: Seek self help commuters

The news for commuters in West Bay isn’t good.

There are no quick fixes to the traffic problems drivers face daily in their efforts to get from West Bay to jobs in George Town.

The bad news was delivered last week during the meeting of Finance Committee.

A lane reversal plan had been considered. Under that scheme there would be two lanes of traffic heading in to George Town each morning and two lanes headed back to West Bay in the evening. Such a plan, though, would cause difficulties with people attempting to make turns off the road.

Adding another lane to the road isn’t an option.

So it appears the onus falls on the commuters themselves to ease the traffic flow problem.

Traffic flow on that artery will be improved only if there are fewer cars using the roadway.

Commuters must begin thinking like their counterparts in other parts of the world where carpooling is practiced and in some instances put into law.

Public transportation can also be used, saving wear and tear on commuters’ vehicles and their frazzled nerves that result from road rage.

Then there are some basic things that will help; simply obey traffic signs, signals and rules.

Drivers who are attempting to get ahead by cutting through at Governor’s Harbour aren’t helping the situation. In most cases their just prolonging already long delays.

It may be time for Government to take a hard look at the numbers of vehicles being brought on to Grand Cayman.

While more than 10,000 cars are reported to have been lost in Hurricane Ivan, it would appear just by a casual glance that more than that have been brought in as replacements.

With more vehicles on the road safety becomes even more of an issue.

Common courtesy will help with much of the traffic congestion. But it seems at times that common courtesy blew out in the tail winds of Hurricane Ivan, especially when it comes to use of the country’s roadways.

Traffic congestion is here to stay, at least for a while. Drivers must look to themselves for a solution.

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