Lots of fun at Prep Sports Day

Pupils from the Infant Department at Cayman Prep and High School showed off their physical prowess to their cheering mums and dads last Saturday morning at their Sports Day held on the Infant Department’s all weather playing field.

After practicing during P.E. lessons for a number of weeks, children ranging in ages from four to seven each got the chance to participate in three races – sprint, obstacle and a team relay – dressed in their house colours, which were green for Elmslie, red for Redpath and yellow for Young.

Children waited under cool tents erected specially for that purpose in their class groups until it was time for their chance to shine.

Some excellent sporting prowess was on show, and children running in the relay races in particular were loudly cheered on by the watching parents and siblings.

But at the end of the day it really didn’t matter which house amassed the most points, the fun was in the taking part and the youngsters did so with energy and enthusiasm.

Vice Principle of Cayman Prep Mr Brian Wilson says, ‘The main point of the day was to ensure that all the children had fun. The emphasis wasn’t so much on the winning but the taking part. All the children were great in congratulating others and there were a lot of happy faces all round.’

And the fun wasn’t just enjoyed by pupils alone as their toddler siblings had a turn at racing, and each runner won a ribbon at the end.

Finally it was the turn of the parents who relay raced in three teams. Concentration and the desire to win was etched all over the participating parents’ faces. Luckily, even though there was at least one parent who tumbled, the race was run fairly and teachers did not have to intervene.

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