Mr. Solomon a GT candidate

Ellio Solomon wants to reduce the cost of living in the Cayman Islands.

He also has grave concerns about crime, education, housing and immigration.

Those are just a few of the issues he will focus on as he campaigns for the seat of member of the Legislative Assembly for George Town as an independent.

‘Unhindered by any political affiliations, I am prepared to properly address the serious issues facing the Caymanian people. I am willing to work along with other candidates who are also prepared to put the interest of the Caymanian people first,’ he said in a release announcing his intentions.

He said he made the decision after talking to residents of George Town.

‘I am convinced that they want to see changes in their Legislative Assembly; they want to see politicians who care more about their own people than the special interest and their own personal interest. They want strong and unwavering representation, representatives that truly understand the people and have a clear vision for the future. Representatives who will be true to their campaign promises and will truly empower the Caymanian people, educationally, politically and financially and representatives who understand and are willing to be transparent and held accountable, not just once every four years,’ he said.

Mr. Solomon worked with the Cayman Islands Government in the Computer Services Department for 12 years, with his final five years as a manager.

He worked for two years as a Senior Consultant with KPMG Peat Marwick providing consultancy in Information Technology and Human Resource Management.

Mr. Solomon was involved with Vision 2008, particularly IT Strategy No. 12. He also served on several Government committees, including the E-Business Advisory Board, chairman of the Infrastructure Committee, IT Legislative Committee and the Telecommunication Advisory Committee all collectively responsible for bringing to realization the liberalization of telecommunications.

‘I will deliver a manifesto at the end of March covering in detail 14 areas. As a matter of focus, however, my campaign will primarily address seven out of the 14 areas; namely, reducing the exorbitant cost of living, diversification of the economy, political reform, violent crime, immigration, housing and very importantly, education. I will push to build real economic growth, create new and better jobs and provide true attainable business opportunities for all Caymanians so they can live more prosperous lives.

‘These seven issues must be addressed. For too long now our politicians have reacted, attacking symptoms and not the real causes of the problems, and sacrificing the opportunities of the many for the special interest of a few. The time has come now for that to change.

‘Specifically to cost of living my efforts will include working toward the introduction of consumer protection legislation, legislation dealing with price fixing, reducing the interest rates of financial institutions, lowering the cost of electricity, health and home insurance and allowing Caymanians the opportunity to invest their pension money locally to build a stronger and better Cayman Islands for them and their children and no longer just being forced to dump their money into some other country.

‘I will firmly address the issue of crime, efforts which will include more provisions and training for police, and the creation of tougher penalties for violent crimes. Crime must be dealt with swiftly and seriously if we wish to maintain our way of life.

‘One of my aims will be to reduce the level of political interference and bureaucracy within the Civil Service, and to create an atmosphere where Civil Servants have clear opportunities for career growth uninfluenced by politics, have clear directives and are free to do the job of providing an efficient and effective service to the general public. The Civil Service is critical to our countries’ success.

‘I will continue to pursue the creation of freedom of information legislation, enshrine freedom of speech, offer greater protections for the press, and work to provide other mechanisms that will allow voters to hold their politicians more accountable. The most powerful element in a democracy is an informed voter, with the protections to express their views without fear of retribution.

‘I strongly believe that the Cayman Islands can be a true leader in the Caribbean and in the global arena, not a follower. In achieving this we must empower our people by providing them with the true financial mechanisms that will allow them to take better care of their families, build or buy their own homes, start and successfully run their own businesses and foster an environment that will allow them to live long and healthy lives. People build great nations; not Governments.

‘To take our country forward will require principled positions, steadfast efforts, difficult work and tough decisions. The time has come to forge ahead with unity and vision so together we can take our country in the right direction.’

Mr. Solomon is married to Betsy Lazzari from the Sister Island of Cayman Brac. They have been together for over 17 years. They are the parents of three girls Samantha, Sydney and Shawn ages 17, 13 and four, respectively.

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