Offshore book challenges misperceptions

A new book titled Inside Offshore questions some common misperceptions of financial centres like the Cayman Islands.

Local financial services consultant Paul Byles, who is the author, said some of the issues in the book have been discussed by local financial services professionals for years.

‘The book brings many of these arguments together in a coherent way and hopefully helps to dispel some of the common myths about places like the Cayman Islands,’ he said.

The book seems set to serve as one of the signals that the local financial services industry has regained its confidence after Ivan, by turning their attention to the various international challenges again.

Most of the industry seems fully back to normal after the impact of hurricane Ivan, with many firms reporting that most if not all of their staffs are back on island and business in general seems to be going well.

‘Unfortunately, the hurricane did not wash away the many challenges that the Cayman Islands and other offshore centres face regarding their perception and the international politics behind most of the criticism,’ said Byles.

The book looks at the offshore world by discussing the role of issues such as regulation, politics, the media, economics and taxation.

Inside Offshore will be available from mid March.

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