Today’s Editorial: Cayman in the spotlight

The Cayman Islands were back on the international map this week; this time in Canada.

The Cayman Islands ice hockey (yes ice and yes hockey) team travelled to Canada last Friday to make the 2005 World Pond Hockey Championships final playoff round on Sunday.

Our team, the Cayman Breakaways, didn’t make the playoffs, but they did this country proud.

The idea of a Cayman Islands ice hockey team conjures up memories of the 1988 Winter Olympics Jamaican bobsledding team.

It was almost unbelievable that a bobsledding team would come from a Caribbean country.

But they did, and although they came in last place at the Olympics, the team went on to win the gold at the 2001 World Push Championships.

The team became so popular that their story became a Walt Disney movie, Cool Runnings, in the mid 1990s.

The Cayman Breakers have also seen a bit of the spotlight.

The Associated Press sent a picture of the Canadian ice hockey championships out to the entire world via its news service and made specific mention of the Cayman Islands team.

On Sunday the Cayman Islands were thrust into the forefront again when Tortuga Rum saved the day.

The Boston Danglers ended up winning the World Pond Hockey Championships.

It is standard practice that the winners be toasted with champagne and beer.

But temperatures on Sunday at the ice hockey venue were minus 50 Celsius because of the wind chill. The air was so cold that the champagne and beer reserved for the celebrations froze.

Not to fear, though. Joe Stasiuk of the Cayman Breakaways saved the day with Tortuga Rum.

Those who want to see the celebration can tune in to ABC World News at 6pm Saturday.

The Danglers also got another treat along with their trophies – Tortuga Rum cake.

We congratulate the Cayman Breakers for making it to the 2005 World Pond Hockey Championships. They are also to be commended for having on hand Caymanian products to share with the rest of the world.

Their efforts made for good, positive press about the Cayman Islands.

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