Free cancer screenings, health lectures Thursday

Free screenings for breast and cervical cancers will be on offer at the Cayman Islands Hospital’s Women’s Health Centre on Thursday, 17 March as part of the Honouring Women Month celebrations.

The screenings will run from 9am to 6pm on a walk-in basis and healthy women without a history of gynecological problems should take advantage of the free screening as it is used to detect abnormalities where none may be apparent.

Regular screening is recommended to prevent many cancers. In order to detect early changes in the breast that may indicate cancer, along with monthly self-examination, a breast exam from a health care provider is recommended every year for adult women. Women who are 40 and older should have a mammogram every two years unless advised by a doctor to have one on a more frequent basis. By age 21 (earlier if sexually active) all women should have pap smears at least every other year to detect changes that may lead to cervical cancer.

Women who have had problems in the past can make an appointment with the appropriate provider by calling the appointments clerk at 244-2530.

Also included in Thursday’s free screening are blood pressure and blood sugar checks, as well as body mass index calculations (BMI). BMI determines whether a person’s weight is ideal for their height. These measurements help to assess overall health risk for individuals.

A representative from Curves, an exercise and nutritional counselling facility for women, will be on hand to give information about their programme.

Event sponsors are the Women’s Health Centre, the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, the Women’s Resource Centre, Curves, and Public Health Services. For more information on the services offered or the day’s activities, call Nurse Annie Mae Roffey or Nurse Abigail Parchment at 244-2649.

Health care professionals will speak on various topics throughout the day. The schedule is as follows:

9am: Breast cancer detection

11am: Family planning choices

1pm: What you need to know before you have a baby

3pm: Aging and your bones

5pm: Cervical cancer: what it is and how to prevent it is

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