Suffer the snuffer?

I am appalled and disgusted beyond measure, having been unfortunate enough to come across Lynne Banker’s letter of 28 Feb.., ‘Roosters torture neighbourhood’, expressing her inhumane intentions toward a defenceless creature who resides on this island.

We are apparently forced to accept that even a devastating hurricane like Ivan has so little effect on simple-minded individuals such as herself.

It has only been six months. How can it be possible that we are returning at full throttle to the pre-Ivan mentality – in this case giving a mere fowl more than its 15 minutes of fame?

I suggest that Ms. Banker get a life – and earplugs and headphones — if she cannot figure out for herself that her old Caymanian neighbour may be equally appalled by her suggestion that he teach Ms Banker ‘the fine art of ringing a fowl’s neck’.

In the ‘good ole days’, I believe this ‘fine art’ most likely was practiced out of need, as a sort of a natural resource, and certainly not for the sheer pleasure of experiencing the ‘thrill of the kill’ or whatever power trip Ms Banker expects from snuffing the crow out of the rooster.

With what would she replace it? Television? Radio? Honking horns? Screeching tyres? I think New York City is calling. Please go.

… And if it is silence she demands, why doesn’t she consider relocating to a deserted island? Perhaps there she will realise that the ‘sleep-ending, headache-causing cackling’ is actually her own subconscious.

I would also suggest that the appropriate government department keep an eyen on Ms. Banker, for once she has learned this ‘fine art’, and finished wringing all the necks of all the evil roosters in her neighbourhood, she will obviously take on the Cayman Parrot for its incessant squawking.

But watch out, Ms. Banker. These particular creatures are protected by law, which you should know something about.

Suzanne Miller

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