Looking for irresponsible driver

I was grocery shopping at Kirk’s Supermarket Saturday, 19 March, and some time between 1pm and 1.30pm someone ran into my parked car.

I’m not talking about a little scratch. They damaged my car enough on the front left fender I couldn’t get my driver’s door open to get in.

I had to get in through the passenger side and slide over. There was no note left under my windshield wiper saying they had done it and would be responsible for repairs.

In fact, the person actually got out, looked at the damage and hurried off. This was told to me by two witnesses.

The witnesses were both so shocked to see the person driving away in such a rush, they unfortunately were not able to get the license number nor the exact make of the car, only that it was a small white car with a spoiler on the back like a racing car has and it was driven by a Mexican or Spanish type man.

To the man who did it. My name is on this letter and my number is in the telephone book. If you call me on your own and agree to pay for damages, I’ll accept payment for the repairs and that will be the end of it.

If you don’t contact me on your own and we somehow find out who you are, I have made a police report and you will be charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

To anyone who sees a car of that description with damage to the right rear finder, please call me and give me the license number and I’ll have the police check them out. It could be your friend, your neighbour or someone coming to get their car fixed.

If it turns out to be the gentleman that did it, you will get a $50 reward.

Carol Caputo

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