Humane Society seeking homes, volunteers

Dozens of cuddly dogs and cats, still homeless after the hurricane, are begging for a home.

The lovable animals are being cared for by the Humane Society which is yet again appealing for people to take in the innocent victims of the storm.

Many were simply abandoned by their owners after Ivan, some of whom had to leave the island.

‘A lot of people thought their animals would not have survived the hurricane but they have a way of finding a safe place to hide,’ said Sugar Evans, assistant manager at the Humane Society’s shelter in North Sound Way, George Town.

At the moment there are more than 60 cats and kittens and more than 40 dogs and puppies at the shelter.

‘You can tell which animals are used to being in a loving home; sometimes they cry like a human,’ said Sugar.

There is also a litter of fluffy puppies which were thrown over the fence of the shelter last weekend that urgently need a home.

‘We really don’t want to have to put any animals to sleep. That’s the last thing we want to do,’ said Sugar.

All the animals are litter trained and have been de-wormed and vaccinated.

Sugar also appealed for people to consider taking an adult animal rather than a kitten or puppy.

‘We don’t have so much problem finding new owners for the kittens and pups but it’s much harder to find places for the adults,’ she said.

‘Actually, though, adult animals are much easier to deal with as they have already been trained.

‘With a puppy or kitten it is natural to play and chew things so you might come home from work and find your belongings all over the place,’

Anyone interested in adopting an animal can visit the shelter to choose a dog or cat.

There is a room where prospective owners can get to know the animal, especially important if there is a child in the family.

One of the society’s officers will also make a home visit to make sure that everything is going smoothly for both the new owners and the animal.

‘Cats are easy to look after and will nibble all day if fed once,’ said Sugar.

‘We would prefer however, if they are kept inside as it prevents cats coming into contact with others which may have disease.’

Dogs required to be fed, ideally twice a day, and also need to be exercised.

‘Even if it’s a walk before or after work, they need to be taken out,’ said Sugar.

‘A dog looks forward to its walk and it’s also good exercise for the owner.’

Staff make sure that all the animals are well cared for and treated with affection.

‘It’s a hard job at times, especially when animals come in that have been abandoned or treated badly,’ Sugar admitted.

‘But it’s so rewarding when we find them a good home – I love to hear good news.’

The society charges an adoption of fee of $60 which includes the price of vaccinations, ensuring that all animals are in top condition when going to their new home.

Since the storm, more than 200 abandoned dogs and cats have been re-homed abroad.

‘I’ve travelled with them to the States and people go crazy for Cayman animals, they are like a national treasure,’ said Sugar.

The Humane Society, which is a charity, also urgently needs volunteers.

Help is required to assist running the second-hand book store and thrift shop which bring in the main source of income to the society.

Also needed are people to clean out the kennels between 8-11am before it opens to the public, as well as volunteers to walk the dogs.

‘We need people seven days a week and even if someone can spare a few hours it would really help us,’ said Sugar.

Anyone who may be able to offer a happy home to one of the animals or can volunteer to help at the shelter can ring 949-1461.

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