Lighters, matches banned from flights

Air passengers in the Cayman Islands are no longer permitted to carry cigarette lighters or matches on board airplanes.

The ban on cigarette lighters, which came into effect in the United States of America, came into simultaneous effect here last Thursday, 14 April, said CEO Cayman Islands Airports Authority David Frederick.

‘We have banned cigarette lighters on all flights, period,’ he said.

However, the ban here, implemented by the CIAA, includes matches.

In the US, air passengers are permitted to carry up to four packets of matches past security checks, but this has come under criticism by some, saying they ought to be banned also.

The banned items will show up on security radar screens.

However, unlike some other dangerous items that are permitted to be stowed in checked bags in the cargo hold, cigarette lighters are also banned in checked luggage, for fear they may start a fire.

Mr. Frederick said the CIAA has also asked all shop owners to stop selling cigarette lighters and matches within the airport because of the ban.

In the United States, the ban came about because of convicted shoe bomber Richard Reid. Mr. Reid tried to ignite explosives in his shoe on a Paris-to-Miami flight in December 200. However, he was intercepted when a flight attendant smelled a burning match.

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