Art for Art’s sake

Art Pasquali isn’t exactly what you would call a conventional photographer – in fact Art isn’t conventional in any sense of the word.

After studying for his Bachelor of Arts degree in Los Angeles he set up a photographic studio in the city, which he operated for 20 years.

Then, in 1993, he simply climbed aboard his 38ft sloop Mon Ami and set sail around Central America and the Caribbean for a couple of years before dropping anchor off Grand Cayman.

He has remained here ever since with his wife and children. It was probably this spirit of adventure that won him the McCoy Prize recently and led to his photograph ‘The Colours of Ivan’ taking pride of place in the National Gallery’s current exhibition, which is ongoing at their Harbour Place premises in George Town.

The captivating, colourful shot featured prominently in the third of the gallery’s ‘Lunchtime Lectures’ delivered by Sorbonne Fine Arts graduate Emerentienne Paschalides. The Parisienne lives in George Town and is a regular volunteer at the gallery.

‘The winning picture broke many of the rules of photography,’ said Ms Paschalides.

‘He purposefully centres the image both horizontally and vertically, which in this case results in a very powerful composition.

‘When being taught photography you are often told to break your image into thirds and not to centre on the dominant form.

‘In this instance the dominant form is to the forefront.’

‘I am not saying it should not have won because of that because, in fact, I just loved it,’ she said.

Anne Goulden, financial and operations officer for the National Gallery, said: ‘We were well subscribed for our first Watermarks lecture in May and then it was not so good for the second one so we launched a massive e-mail shot and it worked.’

An intimate gathering of interested parties listened to Ms Paschalides and enjoyed a light lunch before returning to their daily tasks suitably refreshed in mind and body.

According to a gallery spokesperson, the next event is planned for Wednesday, 24 July and will probably feature the fine art side of the McCoy Prize entries.

Further lecture dates have been pencilled in for Wednesday, 24 August, Wednesday, 28 September and Wednesday 26 October.

Art Pasquali has a website at The National Gallery’s telephone number is 945 8111.

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