Fighting crime begins early

What makes a criminal? Why do some people think it’s all right to take whatever is available while others would never violate the trust of their fellow citizens?

Well, we’ve all heard the saying, ‘Like father, like son.’

A kid comes home with an almost new and expensive, and parks it in the garage. Dad says, ‘nice bike son, where’d you get it?’ Kid says, ‘Oh, I found it.’ And all the dad says is, ‘nice going son.’ And that’s it. The kid keeps the bike and another criminal is made.

You know this is true – you can probably cite examples. Maybe you are the dad in this story.

What a shame, a ruined life – the son – and many distressed people who have or will lose their possessions.

This is not all right folks. But we can help to correct it. How? If you see a notice of the stolen bike in the paper and you see the bike in the garage, call Crime Stoppers (800-TIPS).

It’s as simple as that. But you will probably not do it. Why? Who knows. Complacency? Cowardice maybe?

Please don’t make any more criminals. We’ve got enough in our midst already.

Name withheld by request

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