Pension office launches website

Workers and employers may now access in-depth general information on their national pension plans by logging on to the National Pension Office’s newly-created website – or

Clients may also use this new facility to communicate with the office and clarify any questions or issues regarding their retirement savings, explained a GIS press release.

The site, which is streamlined and easy to navigate, may also be found as a link on the official national website under the Government Websites Directory, and speed-search under the letter ‘N’.

‘This site was envisaged pre-Ivan as an important communication and educational tool,’ said Superintendent of Pensions, Cyril Theriault.

‘We believe that the final product is very crisp and clean.’

Packed with information, the Employees section of the website offers facts on eligibility for participation, changing plans, refunds as well as other vital data. Another section details Employers’ Responsibilities, in addition to providing listings of the four major national certified multi-employer plans, as well as two plans vying for registration (and links to their web-sites where available); and an in-depth Administrators section which includes the National Pension Law, various regulations as well as meeting reports.

The site also contains the membership of the National Pensions Board, definitions of key words, and answers some frequently-asked questions.

Blank forms are also available on the site, as well as an employer survey form, press releases and public information.

While most workers in the Cayman Islands are covered under the six major multi-employer plans, there more than 165 local pension plans registered with the NPO. Total membership is 25- to 30,000 people, including those who have left the Islands within the last two years, and those who have more than one pension plan, the release said.

Coinciding with the website launch, the NPO also unveiled their new logo, another Computer Services design.