Rooster Shootout date set

The 3rd Annual Rooster Shootout Fishing tournament will take place in March.

Tournament organizers encourage all anglers from last year to compete again, and welcome any new competitors to join as well.

Andy Marcher

Andy Marcher with a Yellow Fin Tuna on the scale.

All events planned for the Rooster Shootout will take place between 8-14 March.

Fishing dates for the Rooster Shootout will be Friday through Sunday, 10-12 March.

The weigh station will be held at the Cayman Islands Yacht Club.

Prizes for the Rooster Shootout are as follows: Anglers catching above the Cayman Islands Record for Wahoo (105 lbs 10 oz), Yellow Fin Tuna (189 lbs 4 oz) and Dolphin (58 lbs and 8 oz) would gain a prize of CI$25,000 per record broken.

Additional prizes include $3,000 each for the heaviest Wahoo, Yellow Fin Tuna, and Dolphin below the record breakers, 2nd place will be awarded $1,500 each and 3rd place will receive $500 per category. There will be no prize for Blue Marlin and the Tournament encourages the release of this species.

The Rooster Shootout will have an entry fee of CI$700 per boat, including a captain and up to 3 angler, and to encourage Junior Angler participation, those 14 years and younger may compete for free. Registration for the tournament will take place on Wednesday 8 March at a location yet to be determined.

For more information contact event organizer Nicole Lalum at (345) 945-1166 or via email at [email protected]

Rooster Shootout 2005

The Rooster Shootout Fishing Tournament has wrapped up with a very successful turnout. 71 anglers fished from 28 boats. There were 41 yellow fin tuna, 13 wahoos and 8 dolphin weighed in.

Following are the final results.


3rd Cachas Stewart on Jah Bless 26pounds 3oz

2nd William Foster on Reel Affair 27pounds 0oz

1st Lee Foster on Reel Affair 37pounds 9oz


3rd Chad Bush on Ann Marie 37pounds 7oz

2nd Ariel Whittaker on Blue Moon 38pounds 9oz

1st Kurt Christian on Birdchaser 42pounds 2oz

Yellow Fin Tuna:

3rd Antonie York on Raise ‘Em 67pounds 9oz

2nd Roberto Jackson on Mt. Zion 68pounds 8oz

1st Andreas Marcher on Raise ‘Em 81pounds 0oz