Bring in the lottery

Since the cost of living in Cayman is increasing daily and Government is seeking ways to increase fees, one wonders why the idea of a national lottery is not being pursued.

If a poll were to be taken, it would be no surprise that the vast majority of people either buy numbers (our illegal lottery) or are not against it.

Therefore, being a democratic society, the people would like to see it.

In any case, numbers can be obtained legally now; should someone simply open an office, get a license to purchase form Honduras or Belize and then fax the numbers anyone wants to the agent in such countries.

When someone gets lucky that contact in that country would fax or email this agent here to give someone a pre-signed check for the amount of the winnings. As long as the seller is not in the island, it is perfectly legal.

Buying a lottery ticket is no different than purchasing a ticket to win a car or other items that are frequently sold here so I cannot really see how lottery is illegal, but I’m no lawyer.

I’m a Christian and as a Christian I know the only sin against my Creator is selfishness.

Casino gambling or even the poker games that go on a lot here are about self.

But when one takes a chance once a day or week (and many are the stories of people who their spirits have guided them to spend a few dollars and delivered them from financial problems) and the money is going to be used for the benefit of all our people in better schools or roads, it’s an unselfish act.

One only has to tune in to preachers and they will realize they are asking you to bet on their church and if you choose the right one, you’ll get a reward – some say here on Earth, others pie in the sky when you die.

The money collected by churches goes to their organizations for the most part, not the poor in our country who have great need.

It always interests me how so called men and women of God can by praying for their armed forces yet one of every five homeless people in the USA is a war veteran; those who bet their lives to keep us free.

Let the children first be filled.

So I say, establish a national lottery and let us put our people first.

Clive A. Christian

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