Take your children to work

The Women’s Resource Centre is encouraging businesses, organisations, and employers from all industries to participate in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day Friday, 3 March 2006.

This new initiative is one of many Honouring Women Month events that embody this year’s theme, Inspire Vision, Awaken Possibilities. The main purpose of this initiative is to create an opportunity for youth to be inspired in the workplace, and to awaken career possibilities without the boundaries of traditional gender stereotypes.

The event should be an opportunity for daughters to go to work with their fathers and sons with their mothers to learn more about their work as well as to expand their career choices.

The suggested age for participation is 8-17 years old. Participation isn’t limited to people with children, however.

Adults without their own children, or with children who don’t fit into the age criteria; fathers with no daughters; and mothers with no sons could partner with a niece, nephew, neighbour or friend’s child in order to expose as many children as possible to the work environment.

‘This day is an opportunity for the youth to witness the requirements of the employment sector and critically think about and perhaps appreciate more the difficulties parents and caregivers encounter in trying to balance the commitments of work, home and community life,’ said WRC Programme Manager Tammy Ebanks Bishop.

The event will allow students to get a broad view of the workplace.

‘One of the many benefits of this event is that it allows students to make a real connection between the lessons they learn in the classroom and the requirements of the workplace, and it has the potential to encourage them to dream about pursuing careers without traditional gender limitations,’ Mrs. Ebanks Bishop said.

She also noted Government schools will be closed that day and encouraged students in private schools to participate as well, if only for a few hours after classes.

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work ┬« Day in the US started in 2003 as a national public education programme that evolved from the Ms. Foundation for Women’s successful Take Our Daughters to Work┬« Day which began in 1993.

According to Ms. Foundation for Women, a 2002 Roper poll in the US found that 79 per cent of the participants in the original programme said it helped them see connections between schoolwork and working in the real world, 60 per cent said it increased their interest in education and 57 per cent said it influenced their decision to go to college or professional school.

The WRC believes that businesses which participate in this event will send a message to their employees that they are valued, and that their companies recognize the challenges faced by many parents today who are balancing work, family and community responsibilities.

If you or your company is interested learning more about in this initiative, please contact the WRC at 949-0006 or visit their website at www.gov.ky/wrc.

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