Daybreak introduces financial planning segment

Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited is teaming up with Daybreak to bring viewers a weekly financial planning segment called Money Matters.

Brad Bishop, the newest member to the Bank’s Investment Services department, will be a guest on the show, which airs Monday mornings starting on 6 March, said a Butterfield press release.

Brad and the Butterfield team will be discussing topics such as managing your finances, planning investments, preparing for retirement and saving for education, amongst other important money matters.

‘Earning money is only half the equation for achieving financial independence,’ Brad noted. ‘Effectively putting your money to work for you is equally important. Though the size of your household income matters, how you manage the money you have determines how you live today and in the future. That’s why taking control of your finances is so important.’

Money Matters airs Monday mornings on Daybreak at 7am on Cayman 27.

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