Get filth off airways

I recently heard a radio advertisement that I found to be most disturbing.

The advertisement in question made reference to a promotion celebrating Mardi Gras or Naughty Gras as it was referred to in the advertisement.

It was the sexually explicit nature of the advertisement that I found morally offensive and I was therefore left to ponder what audience the advertisement was designed to address.

Given the time of day in which it was broadcast, I was naturally led to believe it was intended to address young persons.

My further comments are therefore two-fold; first, what is the position of the Information Communication & Technology Authority in regulating the contents of the programming of radio stations and other broadcast media? Second, what is Government’s position in protecting our people (and especially our young people) from the dissemination of such unacceptable broadcast information?

As a young Caymanian who was raised in a Christian home and environment, I learnt to respect the culture, traditions and core-principles upon which these islands were founded.

I am therefore concerned that the values and legacy left behind by our forefathers is gradually being eroded. Moreover, I hope that the leadership of these islands will stand up for what is right, regardless of how unpopular that may be.

Further, as a father of a young child, I am most concerned over the moral and social decline in our society and I am therefore fearful as to what my young son will face as he matures, if the current trend continues.

Austin O. Harris

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