Getting healthier on the job

This week Water Authority employees participated in one of a series of worksite healthchecks sponsored by Cayman Insurance Centre and Generali Worldwide, working in cooperation with Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital and Dr. Sook Yin. ‘There was a great turnout with over 60 per cent of employees participating. We hope it’s the beginning of a trend where we see more people becoming engaged in managing their own health,’ commented Linda Chapman-Key, President, Cayman Insurance Centre.

Employees had their vital signs measured and learned where their health ranked across a number of parameters. Individuals received a report on their current blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, and weight and body mass index. With this information, participants can see areas for improvement and perhaps use the information to begin a dialogue with their physician about behavior changes that are needed to improve their overall health.

Worksite healthchecks will be happening throughout the week and will continue throughout the year. ‘We believe it’s an important tool to help people become healthier,’ continued Linda Chapman-Key. ‘Good health happens every day – it’s a challenge and a responsibility. We hope these healthchecks can help to encourage healthier choices that ultimately benefit everyone, from the employers we work with to their employees and their families. Studies have shown better health can help to improve workplace productivity, and overall well-being on the job and at home.’

If you or your organization are interested in coordinating a worksite healthcheck, contact Cayman Insurance Centre, Generali’s local representative: 946-3930, email: [email protected], or on the web:

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