FC International donates to HMP Northward

With the recent donation of ten footballs to HMP Northward, FC International has revived its programme of support for the Prison Service’s football programme.

The football club’s contribution creates a positive relationship between HMP Northward and the community at large, said Director of Prisons Dwight Scott, adding: ‘FC International has always shown a genuine interest in our football programme, and members of the team are grateful for its assistance.’ Mr. Kennedy Ebanks, President of FC International, spoke to the club’s continuing this programme of support for the team. ‘Following the positive reaction from the last donation of uniforms in 2003, our current effort to support the prisoners is focusing on provision of more equipment to practise with.’

As FC International’s Technical Director Mr Elbert McLean said: ‘One can’t run a football programme without proper equipment,’ adding that this sports programme of such wide interest among prison inmates can contribute much to fostering positive minds and discipline in the prison system. With this latest contribution, FC International hopes to continue its regular programme of support, which had been inactive since Ivan.

‘It is a boost for the prison team, which is striving to be the best football team in Cayman, and it will encourage them to become more disciplined and committed to making a positive difference,’ said Mr Dwight Scott.