Marriott rewards its staff

Management of the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort understand the importance of every individual to an organisation’s success and to celebrate their hard-working, dedicated staff recently held a Marriott Associate Appreciation Event.

Marriott resort

From left: Bryan, Polo, Melinda, Rhian, Juliet, Paul and Mira hosting residents of the Pines Retirement Home at the Marriott Resort on Spirit to Serve our Community Day.
Photo: Submitted

The Resort held the event with one focus in mind – to show every member of staff they are a valued part of the company, said a Marriott press release.

Most Marriotts worldwide take part in this event every year. Melinda Montemayor, the resort’s Human Resources Manager, explained the week was very meaningful to management as well as to staff.

‘The Marriott prides itself on the quality of its staff who work so hard to make each guest’s stay here special. I am delighted to be able to devote a week to showing our associates how special they are to us. And from what I have seen, I think the staff really enjoyed and appreciated the events we organised,’ Ms. Montemayor said in the release.

Novita Murad, of the Front Office Department, said she was pleased by all the attention and management’s efforts throughout the week.

‘Every day there was a new and exciting activity for us to participate in. The activities were enjoyable and we felt rewarded and appreciated by our managers,’ she said.

The week of activities kicked off with members of the management team rolling up their sleeves and getting out the mops and paintbrushes to spruce up the associates’ cafeteria. Not only did they clean and paint the facility but they also organised it and added decorative touches.

Other activities consisted of a staff car wash with management wielding the sponges, a catamaran ride to Stingray City, a sports day, a staff luncheon, and a day when all the different nationalities and cultures of the resort’s staff were celebrated.

‘It was great to be able to spend a week especially dedicated to our associates,’ said Ms. Montemayor. Ms. Montemayor said, who, along with the Human Resources Department, organised all of the events for the staff.

‘I think it is imperative that we highlight their achievements and show them how much we appreciate them along with our beautiful Grand Cayman property.’

But perhaps the most meaningful event of the week was when management and associates joined hands to give something back to the community. As part of the Marriott’s Spirit to Serve our Community, everyone helped to host a tea party on the resort’s lawn for the Pines Retirement Home and the Lighthouse School.

Sue Nicholson, manager of The Pines, thought the tea party was a great success.

‘It was wonderful for our residents to be able to go on an outing and it was such a nice surprise that the Marriott thought of The Pines. It’s always touching when new organisations arrange functions for the benefit of the elderly.

‘The tea party was a very gracious, special affair. They went out of their way to make it enjoyable, with their senior people actually serving our residents.’