Red Bull Flag Football roundup

The Coconut Joe’s MedBoys have had trouble finding a #1 QB to lead their team with the departure of Carver Williams. Although they have struggled with injuries and departures their numbers and determination were enough to hold off the sprightly Maples Packers. Despite the loss, the Packers are showing improvements at each position this year, mainly because of another year of experience under their belt. Although the game only ended 7-0, Maples never looked like scoring, a bitter disappointment compared to the 3 touchdowns they managed to put up the week before.

In the second game, Papa John’s saw themselves rotating through various QB’s and watched as 3 different ones managed to throw INT’s. AL Thompson’s QB, Kevin Solomon, put up the best numbers of all the QB’s completing 9 passes and 3 TD’s to 3 different WR’s. ALT also looked stronger this year on both sides of the ball. Although Papa John’s allowed 3 TD’s, their defense is composed of quality players. Their lack of production seems to be mainly on the offensive side of the ball.

The ONE345 Farm Soldiers against the Next Level Nitemares saw two teams of equal skill face off. Next Level is definitely a better team from last year showing solid players at each position. However, they are having trouble finding the endzone, and in the end it was a great catch by Sean ‘Drop Not’ Moyle of ONE345 which propelled ONE345 to the victory. QB Luigi Moxam had his least productive week so far, but nonetheless ONE345 has started off to an impressive 3-0 run.

The last game saw the highly anticipated re-match of last year’s final: Davy Jones Pirates vs Lone Star Hellcats.

Davy Jones started off strong scoring on their opening drive, and managed to keep Lone Star scoreless for the first half. DB Selkirk Watler made several fantastic plays to knock away two would-be touchdowns. Despite this the Hell Cats scored half way through the second half with the help of some great catches by WR Jorge Ebanks. After taking the lead by converting the extra point, the crowd seemed to anticipate another Lone Star victory, but after converting a 3rd and long on Davy Jones final drive of the game, they were in prime position for Carlo to find Ransfor Welcome TO on a fade route in the left side of the endzone to win the game 12-7.

The KSports Player for Week 3 is Chester Hurlstone of the ONE-345 Farm Soldiers. Despite his last sack of the day getting overturned because of a penalty on one of his teammates he had 4 tackles and 4 sacks. His defensive prowess held the Nitemares QB at bay while his own team’s offence getting organized.