Comedy play lots of laughs

Tempted to Touch, Jamaica’s latest comedy play, portrayed some stark realities to everyday life, but was also good fun at the Lions Centre Sunday night.

Set in an inner city community, the Luke Ellington production tells of the woes of family life, teenage pregnancy, and the need for safe sex.

The story unfolds in the yard of landlord Seefus played by script writer Luke Ellington. Tenants Joice, aka Margaret Wilson, Franko, aka Joshua Tomlin, live next door with their school age daughter Mesha, aka Georgette Wright.

Mesha is naïve and easily swayed by school friend Mitzi, played by George Harvey. She thinks she has to give Mesha the facts of life, which soon lands both in a lot of hot water with her parents.

Mesha becomes sexually involved with Seefus son, which results in an unwanted pregnancy. This news brings lots of fighting and, shouting between Mesha’s parents when they find out their precious daughter would not be allowed to complete school and become a lawyer.

All hell breaks loose when Mesha’s father finds out that Seefus’s son Rags, aka Wayne Clue, whom he dislikes very much, is the father of the child. Some slick talking by Rags’s father gets Mesha’s mother to accept her daughter’s pregnancy. But Rags, who cannot take the pressure, runs away, but returns in the future to marry Mesha to give the play a happy ending.

Luke Ellington has been writing and directing plays for quite a while, and has performed in a number of plays including his own productions.

He was made famous for hit plays such as Bun Fi Bun1, 2 and 3, As-Yu-Simi-Gimi parts 1 and 2, Mi Affe Getti, Sexual Healing and most recently, Tempted to Touch.

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