Credit Union offers dialysis help

At a CICSA Co-op Credit Union Ltd. Annual General Meeting several years ago, founding member Mr. Louis Moncieffe moved a motion for the Credit Union to denote $30,000 toward the purchase of a dialysis machine for the Faith Hospital, Cayman Brac.

Mr. Junior Dilbert and Ms Linda Walton

CICSA Co-op Credit Union Ltd, Brac Branch Manager Mr. Junior Dilbert and Ms Linda Walton, nurse at the Faith Hospital on Cayman Brac.
Photo: Submitted

The motion was approved by the membership of the Credit Union and the funding held in trust until Health Services was able to activate the partnership offer in 2005, states a press release.

Recently the Credit Union received an update from Faith Hospital regarding the performance of the new Dialysis Machine. Credit Union Brac Branch Manager Erlington Dilbert, better known as Junior was able to see the machine in action with Dr. Orrett Thane and Nurse Linda Walton

Ms Walton, also a member of the Credit Union, operates the machine at Faith Hospital.

She said she was pleased with this particular model of machine as it offers enhanced monitoring of the patient’s condition.

The new dialysis machine was put into operation on Cayman Brac in January 2006. It is being used to treat one patient three times per week. The patient and family have expressed delight in having the facility available at home on Cayman Brac.

Dr. Srirangan Velusamy, a surgeon at Faith Hospital also voiced his appreciation for the contribution, which assisted the Government in establishing the Dialysis Unit in the Brac. He encouraged private entities to follow the example set by the Credit Union in forming a partnership with the Government to provide essential medical services for the community.

‘I am proud to be a part of a financial institution that has the welfare of the Brac community at heart, and to witness first hand, the relief that this machine has brought to the current patient and his family,’ said Mr. Dilbert.

The Board of Directors is pleased that this initiative with the Health Services Authority has finally been fulfilled. The Board hopes that the Dialysis Unit, which cost approximately $70,000 to establish, will continue to enhance health services on Cayman Brac for many years to come.

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