More wedding publicity for Cayman

The Cayman Islands is yet again gaining international publicity as a wedding destination through local event planner Jo-Anne Brown and Celebrations.

In the spring/summer 2006 edition of a top US travel magazine, Travel & Romance, Jo-Anne Brown is described as a ‘Cayman Islands wedding guru’.

The snippet notes that Ms Brown was featured on the Travel Channel recently. This was a six-episode series, which aired earlier this year, called ‘Weddings Away – Cayman Islands’, which followed her and her event planners around as they planned events.

Ms Brown is mentioned in the magazine as one of six women who know all the tricks to throwing a perfect party. The magazine has dubbed them ‘Fairy Godmothers’.

The six ladies are listed at the end of a question and answer session on destination weddings.

Ms Brown is the only Caribbean-based planner included in this hot-list of wedding planners.

The magazine says that Ms Brown will ‘dress up a beachfront party with bamboo, arbors, orchids and tea lights’, and includes Celebrations’ phone number and web address.

The Cayman Islands also received glowing international press last week when CNN flashed on its money segment how the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman has been named No. 1 Ritz-Carlton in the world for customer satisfaction.

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