Rollover policy must stay

Finally just when I had begun to doubt my faith, your editorial of 9 August, 2006, was a most welcome sight.

I whole heartedly agree the roll over policy must stay. Native Caymanians like me often find we are under constant attack at work, at play, or even just trying to live a peaceful life in our own country – if we choose to stand up for our fellow Caymanian and our rightful piece of the pie.

The time has come for Caymanians regardless of their political affiliations to say as I will, here in black and white for all to read well done Minister I agree, I agree, and should you need some muscle to support your position, give us the call and we will stand with you in any delegation.

Caymanians are fighting for our survival, all too often we are passed over, taken advantage of, as we see any advancement or development for the betterment of Cayman. And so are willing to take the back seat or endure the discomfort in the hope that any change will benefit all. And so remain steadfast in any sacrifice we need to make even be it our own marginalization.

Get a group of Caymanians together, and you get results. Ivan showed the world that strength. This is not a situation to be liked or disliked; it is a situation of our right to protect our country before it is too late.

Why should native Caymanians accept the side table at a banquet in our own country to which we have given so much? Like many we do not have alternative passports to run with, or homes to run to. As a result we need to stand and fight to keep our home, our home, and not a picture perfect postcard for global employment agencies.

Forget the call of fear the boogie men try so desperately to make us believe will be our economic end. Instead ask yourself these questions – what is the point of making billions of dollars if we are unable to build our roads, repair our schools, treat our sick and support our aging?

What is the point of having thousands of visitors if we find ourselves homeless?

What is the point of helping another newcomer with a better life, and in so doing pass over the welfare of our own?

So thank you Mr. Minister; it was the best news I have heard in ages …. And to all Caymanians, pick up your Cayman passport and wave it with pride. Believe you me, anywhere in the world you go it is she that will afford you the most welcoming of smiles.

Harris A McCoy III

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