Students tour RCIPS

By the end of the National Youth Commission’s Careershop around 50 young people will have been given guided tours of the RCIPS so they can find out what the police do and how they do it.

Kameron McLean and Jamie Rogers

Kameron McLean and Jamie Rogers proudly display their thumb prints while visiting the Custody Sgts Office of the GTPS. Photo: Submitted

The 12 to 15 year olds are shown all aspects of policing and are allowed some hands-on experience, said a RCIPS press release.

Activities provided include a demonstration of how breathalysers work and officers explain about the dangers and ramifications of drinking and driving.

The students are taught about the various duties of a police officer and how investigations are generally carried out.

The youngsters are also given the chance to gain insight into all the various police departments including Marine Unit, Uniform Support Group, Drugs Task Force and Scenes of Crime.

Each participant is given the opportunity to have their fingerprints taken should they choose while visiting the custody area. Here they learn about what happens to people who are arrested and how DNA and evidence left at the scene is used to solve crimes.

The tools used by the police in their day-to-day work such as the cars and motorcycles as well as the police dogs are also put on show. Finally, the qualifications needed to become an RCIPS officer are explained.

PC Andrea Scott of the training department said: ‘We always welcome the chance to show young people how the police operate. We hope that by giving them a deeper insight into the service and explaining the opportunities available they might consider the police as a viable career option.’

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