Power lifters return with medals

Recently the Cayman Islands sent a team of three power lifters to compete in the Regional championships North American Power lifting Association and the Tournament of the Americas in Puerto Rico.

There were 13 countries and more than 100 lifters participating.

Cayman Islands pulled off medals in all of its divisions; Lawrence Johnson in the 82.50 Kilo (181 lbs) got a gold in Dead Lift and a bronze overall; Tony McInerney in the 90 Kilo (198lbs) got a bronze in the Dead Lift and a bronze for participation; Arlond Mendez aka Junior in the 125 Kilo (275 Lbs) got a gold in the Junior Division Overall and a bronze in Squat, Bench and Dead lift.

The competition consisted of a heavy squat, bench-press and a dead lift. There were three judges who looked for depth and correct form along with strength. Judging was strict and competing was very intense.

The lifters for Cayman were benching over 250 lbs, squatting and dead lifting 500 lbs and over.

As team leader Tony is honoured to be part of such a dedicated and hardworking team. All of their efforts were proudly displayed at the competition. His team worked hard helping each other with suits, wraps and weights and found camaraderie among competing countries that offered encouragement and support while competing.

He is hoping that there will be a bigger turnout at the next competition for Cayman.

Anyone interested in competing can contact:

Coach – David Pattaway (GNC) at [email protected] or 945- 7690

Team leader – Tony McInerney at [email protected] or 949-8067, leave message

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