A solution to speeding

My best friend’s niece (Ilyana Dela Cruz) was killed earlier this year in a speeding accident.

Her death (and the mindless deaths of other people) caused me to think about a possible solution.

I would recommend that governors be introduced to stop cars going beyond 60 MPH.

If the law dictates that you cannot drive any faster than 50 MPH, why allow cars that can go significantly faster than this?

We are providing a weapon to people that is more likely to kill when used at high speed.

I think 10 deaths this year is more than enough.

We do not provide people with the right to carry a licensed firearm, so why allow them to drive a weapon that can kill?

I would suggest very harsh penalties for speeding beyond that limit, including losing their licence for life (assuming that the device was removed). The cost of this is under $1,000 I believe and could be introduced via the licensing fee and monitored via the annual test. There are also GPS type devices that are being trialed in the UK, which may be an option.

Benefits would be:

Reduction in loss of life – obviously the most important aspect of this issue.

Reduction in car insurance rates.

An increase in the cost of owning a car, which would reduce the number of cars on the island.

An increased sense of safety for all (including myself as I have a two- and three-year-old child).

I would be interested in the publics’ comments.

Mark Whiteside

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