Cayman a melting pot

I am so sick and tired of hearing “I am Caymanian”… or “I am a born Caymanian”….as soon as you hear this statement someone is going to perpetrate hate.

This phrase is poison! Like something is owed to the Caymanian.

When we visit America, do the Americans say, I’m an American, I deserve … no! They open their arms to diversity and change.

Let’s face it, Cayman is a melting pot.

Open your hearts people and let’s learn from one another.

There is no such thing as indigenous Caymanians. All of our forefathers came from abroad, particularly Europe.

We have no natives. America has natives. The Native Indians. Cayman does not, except maybe the turtles.

But really folks, Why are Caymanians so hateful?

I have never met a population so hateful and envious of everyone, including their own family members, but especially their neighbours.

We, as a society, should lift each other up and stop concentration on things. Life is all about how you live, think, behave and act each and every day.

I guess Ivan only taught us to love one another for a few brief months, but now we are worse off than before Ivan. I am appalled at the division I see here.

Tell me, what is the next warning God will send us or was Ivan our last?

Are you prepared? And I do not mean the strength of your roof; I mean our inner strength and love for one another.

Come on people; stop the hate here in Cayman. Stop the division and lets all live as one.

True, Cayman is a beautiful island but not the only beautiful island.

Soon, Caymanians will be all alone, and Caymanians will have got what Caymanians asked for. And still Cayman will wonder what went wrong.

Nancy Berbridge-Bush

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