Dr. Frank faces 10 charges

Former government minister Frank Swarres McField appeared in Summary Court on Friday charged with 10 offences.

Senior Crown Counsel Andre Mon Desir told Magistrate Nova Hall that Dr. Frank was taken into custody during the night.

He explained that police were conducting a road block following the fatal accident around 2.20am on Shamrock Road near the Cable and Wireless exchange at Spotts.

Charges against Dr. Frank were laid as a result of an incident at the roadblock. They include two allegations of obstructing a police officer in the execution of his duty, assaulting two police officers, resisting arrest and threatening violence against each.

One charge of disorderly conduct refers to threatening and abusive language. Another disorderly conduct allegation refers to indecent language.

Dr. Frank, 57, had been brought to the Court House by police officers just before 12.30pm. He was in handcuffs, but they were removed before he came into the court room.

Court was adjourned briefly to await the arrival of his attorney, Clyde Allen.

When proceedings resumed, Mr. Mon Desir set out the brief background and said the Crown did not object to bail. The only condition he suggested was that the defendant be of good behaviour.

Mr. Allen said he had no details of the matter, so he asked for an adjournment until Thursday, 28 September.

The magistrate granted bail in the sum of $500 on the defendant’s own surety. She further directed that he be of good behaviour and keep the peace.

Dr. Frank, sociologist and playwright, was elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly for George Town in 1996 and again in 2000, serving until May 2005. He was elected to a ministerial post by the Assembly in November 2001. He served as Minister of Community Services, Youth, Sports and Gender Affairs.

In the May 2005 general election, Dr. Frank placed fifth out of 13 candidates vying for the four George Town seats. The election had been postponed from November 2004 because of the devastation caused by Hurricane Ivan two months earlier.

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