Kids need parental support

I have had just about enough of these older people and parents saying that children don’t have stress because they don’t pay bills or have children to take care of.

Well, may I inform you parents and older folks that we do.

On a day-to-day basis children are faced with a lot more stress then even their parents.

We go to school and we have other kids telling us what we can and what we should try.

Pressure from our teachers telling us we have to study really hard or else we won’t come out to any thing, but what seems to get me the most is that the most pressure we as children get is from our parents telling all sorts of things.

What we need from our parents is love and support; not for them to tell us that we will never come out to anything or push us to become what they want us to become.

Way too many times children have done things just based on what their parents have said or done.

Parents say I don’t want you to become a dancer because that has no meaning to life or I don’t want you to become a garbage man because every body else in the family are doctors and teachers and lawyers.

Parents, we need your support not your criticism. We need your love, not your uncontrollable egos. If one should look back we can see that many times what a parent wants or wanted there child to become is not what they have turned out to be, so please parents, I ask that you take more time out to build a relationship with your child and encourage them to go after their goals and dreams even if it’s not what you want.

You would be surprise to know how good that child turned out to be and don’t forget to love us and give us your full support.

Kedeshia Dunn

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