Truman Bodden helps student

Anntony was speechless when the staff of Truman Bodden & Company, presented him with gift certificates to assist with his school supplies.

‘The staff has really taken to him and helped to bring him out of his shell. The whole experience was quite successful’, stated Julie High, Practice manager.

Anntony is a student at John Gray and a resident of the Bonaventure Boys Home. He spent his summer as an IT intern at TBCO, under the direction of Garth Bryce, Information Systems manager. Andrew Wiggan, case manager for Children & Youth Services Foundation said that this is the first time a law firm had extended an offer to a resident of Bonaventure.

Mr. Wiggan stated that Anntony had a natural flair for computers and would like to learn more than what the school could offer. Garth Bryce implemented a six-week programme to introduce Anntony to Information Technology as it relates to office functioning. The program included the installation of operating systems, server maintenance, first hand knowledge of system architecture and hands on printer maintenance.

Michael Stewart, academic coordinator for CAYS, said that Anntony was placed with them because of adverse social challenges. Mr. Stewart said that the residents of Bonaventure who have jobs are taught to value the position and consider it a privilege as a young Caymanian, rather than a right. They are supervised and coached through the process of opening and balancing a checking/savings account. They are also given the opportunity to decide how they will spend their earnings.

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