dms decision a disgrace

This musician and every musician that I know are appalled at dms for not joining other radio stations in signing a document that guarantees local music fair and regular air time.

Personally I believe that one per hour is too little exposure of our music on HOTFM, a station that plays Caribbean style music.

Some months ago I delivered three of my CDs to that station including one recorded by my son. I have dished out huge expense at top-notch studios with first class musicians to produce quality CDs. As of this writing I have not heard one of our songs aired – yet dms claims they don’t have enough local material to play.

I would like also to make reference to Mr. Jones’ comment in your 19 September edition where he states ‘there is a lack of consistent quality material to air one per hour.’

To this I say hogwash. Hundreds of good quality local recordings have been delivered to dms; they just need to remove the cellophane wrapper and listen.

To dms I say, Where there’s a will, there’s a way. To all the other stations, especially VIBE FM, thank you for playing my music.

Earl La Pierre

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