Great musical strides made

There should be no disappointment in the Music Association camp, for indeed this breakthrough has been a long time coming, and further change definitely will come with the continued lobbying efforts of its officers and members and the production of other formats of music for the listening pleasure of the public, with no arm twisting necessary.

While the signing of the MOU may seem trivial to many, it is certainly a step forward for local musicians who have strived over the years and who in many cases have paid their dues many times over and have bettered their chops as they say in the music industry.

This step gives hope for and to the young upcoming musicians and entertainers on these islands.

Of great interest is the fact that Government has seen fit to support the small music industry of these islands. I sincerely hope that this interest will not be as in the past, temporary, but will also further extend itself into finding additional ways of fomenting the music that is created in these islands, by providing assistance in the form of funding and exposure in terms of having Cayman Artists; vocalists, dancers, bands, comedians be a part of events that promote the Cayman Islands at home and abroad.

Certainly it is time that someone local choreographs several commercials that promote the beauty of these islands and the vibrancy of the local talent that exists on this island.

Government and the broadcasting family can play an important role in helping local entertainers to develop formats and standards of performance (through the sponsorship of workshops on music presentation, voice training etc.) for tourist consumption at the various properties on the island, which today is sadly lacking.

The music produced in Cayman needs to be on time, top notch and professional in all aspects and equally as important needs to be performed live to gain wider acceptance by the community at large and for the tourists who come to our Islands.

The stride now made must be complemented by further efforts of the Music Association, The entire radio broadcasting families, tourism entities and Government in a solid partnership to promote and maintain and yes indeed assist in the creation of music, which can be said to be truly Caymanian.

Are you all up to the challenge?

John Henry Ebanks
Honorary Member
Cayman Islands Music Association

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