New produce rules for Sisters

The following regulations apply for individuals transporting fresh produce by air from Grand Cayman to the Sister Islands and exist to prevent the spread of Pink Hibiscus Mealybug to those islands.


All plants, plant cuttings or cut flowers grown or purchased in Grand Cayman

The following fresh produce items, grown or purchased in Grand Cayman:


Bananas – Green


Bananas – Ripe




Hot Peppers



Carambola or Star fruit


Jack fruit

Otaheite apple


Fresh produce purchased or grown in Grand Cayman not on the above prohibited list; provided such items are clean and free of pest.

Frozen and or canned fruits or vegetables.

Packaged processed fruits or vegetables or packaged processed products containing fruits and vegetables.

Ready to eat salad mixes or leafy vegetables prepackaged in the country of origin.

Procedures for the movement of approved fresh produce by individuals.

Approved fresh produce (not on the prohibited list) can be taken by individual travelers to Sister Islands as checked luggage on designated Cayman Express and Cayman Airways flights, only, provided the items are

• Clean and Free of Pests

• Packed separately (produce only) in a cooler or other suitable container.

• Produce is inspected by an officer of Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Health Inspection Service (AHIS).

• If cleared by the DoA AHIS officer the cooler or container will be sealed and the passenger will be allowed to take it as part of their checked baggage.

• Produce is not to be taken in hand/carry-on luggage.

If items are found in a container that are not approved for shipment to the Sister Islands or do not satisfy any of the other conditions for shipment, the specific item or the entire container will be rejected.

If produce is found packed in containers with other items, the entire container / bag may be rejected.

Any containers containing produce presented at check-in which are not inspected and sealed by the DoA, will be rejected.

Produce items found arriving in the Sister Islands that are not inspected by DoA AHIS staff in Grand Cayman, will be seized and destroyed. If the produce is mixed with other items, the entire container / bag in which they were found, may also be seized

Designated flights

Effective today the following flights have been designated for the transport of approved fresh produce items as checked baggage and DoA AHIS staff will be present at the departure terminal prior to the check-in counters to carry out the necessary inspections and certification.

These flights are:

Cayman Express – Flight 4425 – Monday through Saturday

Flight 4421 – Tuesday through Friday

Cayman Airways – Flight 105 – Friday

Flight 109 – Saturday.

Tips to travelers:

To help make this process more efficient and to ensure minimal disruption to passengers, persons wishing to take produce to the Sister Islands are asked to follow these simple rules:

Do not take or pack items on the prohibited list.

Prepare your produce for shipping. Ensure that the items are clean and free of dirt or obvious signs of pests before packing

Pack all produce in a separate cooler or other suitable container.

Arrive for your flight well in advance of the check-in time to allow ample time for the DoA AHIS staff to inspect and certify your cooler.

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