Expats welcomed in Canada

I would like to commend Nancy Berbridge-Bush for her letter (Cayman Melting Pot, Sept. 11, 2006).

Finally, someone is not afraid to speak up about the true reality of living in Cayman and the division between expats and Caymanians.

As a former resident, I have never met a population so hateful and envious of everyone. In the years that I lived there, I never felt welcome by the Caymanians, in fact, just the opposite.

The Caymanians reminded me on a daily basis that I was not Caymanian and I would never be able to make Cayman my permanent home. Their attitude that the world owes something to the Caymanian is beyond ludicrous.

I guess Cayman has already forgotten that Canada played a huge role back in the 60s and started tourism for the Cayman Islands. Cayman would not be where it is today without the world’s help and generosity.

As a Canadian, we happily open our arms to diversity, change and new immigrants to make Canada their home for the rest of their natural lives, if they choose.

Sure, we might not have the beaches and the beautiful ocean Cayman has, but the natural untouched beauty of Canada is second to none.

Western Canada is experiencing a huge job boom and employee shortage, so if any of the unappreciated ex-pat population want to live in a country that will accept and welcome you with open arms, provide you with the best standards of living and health care and most importantly, a place you can actually call home…..then welcome to Canada; we can’t wait to see you!

Lisa Andrews

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