Cayman bodybuilders to compete in NYC

A team of natural bodybuilders will be representing the Cayman Islands at the 2006 WNBF Pro/Am World Natural Bodybuilding Championships in New York City on 11 November.

Rudy Flores

Competitor Rudy Flores

The Cayman team, comprised of two professional bodybuilders and six amateur bodybuilders, will be competing against athletes from various countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland and Japan.

The athletes will be accompanied to New York on 9 November by members of the Executive Committee of the Cayman Islands Natural Bodybuilding Association, Susan Wilson (President), Meloney Martin (Secretary) and Tiger Wilson (Coach and Technical Advisor).

‘Although this is by no means the biggest team that we have ever had travel to the World Championships, it is still a very good one,’ said Mrs Wilson.

‘We anticipate that athletes from the larger countries will once again have to sit up and take notice of the fact that the Cayman Islands, although small in the whole scheme of things, is still a country to be reckoned with.’

Tiger Wilson echoed her sentiments by saying that he has a lot of confidence in the athletes and feels that they will be very successful in New York.

He pointed out that every time natural bodybuilders from Cayman have travelled overseas for international competitions, they have succeeded in bringing home awards and that he anticipates that this will be repeated again at the World Championships.

Prior to competing on Saturday, all athletes will undergo rigorous polygraph (lie detector) testing to prove that they are drug-free and have been so for the past seven years.

The team returns to Cayman on Tuesday 14 November.

Members of the team of natural bodybuilders that will represent the Cayman Islands at the World Championships are:

Dail Davis (pro light wt), Hugh Cotterell (pro heavy wt), Michael Salmon (masters and middle wt), Rudy Flores (light heavy wt), Derrick Payne (masters and light wt), Xavier D’Souza (middle wt), Diane Chung (light wt) and Alisha Racz (heavy wt).

The next big international event for Cayman’s natural bodybuilders will be on 28 April 2007 when the Cayman Islands once again hosts the WNBF Pro Natural Mr. & Ms Universe and the (Super Pro Qualifier) INBF Natural Caribbean Grand Prix Bodybuilding and Figure Championships.

Currently, sponsorship is being sought for these championships and anyone who is interested in getting involved in this big event can do so by contacting Tiger Wilson at 926 1115.